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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Listen to My Footsteps Every Child

Listen to my footsteps. Listen to me run. Listen to my head upon the sun. See I am resting, upon this shore, the place we share and all of us simply adore. Come restless children walk with me. Come restless children hold the seas. It's a bounty of love out there, if only you could dare to bee free. Oh come to hold me. Listen children of the world, we have more to make fulfill. It's yours and mine. Let our heartbeats chime. Thank the little ones big and tall. Thank you God for it all, because it's a stream of believing and it's a great dream . . . . . . . . . . .

Hold my hand and walk with me, on top of the world for all to sea, it's time to beam a stream of light (rainbow colors). Come and shoulder with your might. We are traveling out of sight into our dreaming. We are seaing (envisioning).  Thank you God for everything. Everything it's only beams to receive thee, to have golden sheaves (abundance for all). I know the lives of "hand me down", to hold the sake of a sacred frown, but that's not dreaming.

There is a day when we expound, to know of laughter the great sound that is beaming, from every seaming (every crack and crevice). And when we arrive to the other shore, let your brother sister adore, it's a dreaming, all this seaming.  One big rug hold us vine. There we are camels (plenty of water from heaven) all the time, will rolling hills we seek. Hold my hand it's meek (humble praise). Whence we came we are going to run, into the heart of the open sun, we are dreaming. "Dreaming free, all over the beaming". Think you don't know the fabled ways, but I tell you it's inside you say, it's a dreaming. Hold my hand and we will both be beaming. There is love after the mighty war, but we fight for us to adore, it's the dreaming. The place of steaming (fire and water, earth and heaven). Cross the blue with the mighty red, there we find it's a place to shed our dreaming. Come and hold the beaming (rainbow colors that we share, the buffalo rumble because we dare, four sacred directions on the run, to show the world of the fabled suns).

Inside our hearts know the wise, we are victims of surprise, but it's the dreaming, if we could learn to be receiving. There we stand upon the open shore where the space is farther than we could adore, but it's dreaming, we can touch each streaming. Every star that shines in thee, we are willing to be part of this pleased. We are dreaming, to hold our hands again. Then we walk to be one clan, the holy mountain will know reprimand (think of heaven taking out her sword, to measure, divide and share all the spoils) it's a dreaming.  Oh God bring me home to the steaming. We will find the mighty shore, blue cross red and all adore, the yellow flowing, it's a droving (driving droves of herds/heards/echos).

Bring the herds/heards to the floor, let them listen to the mighty door (put their ears to the ground, hear the heartbeat).  We are dreaming.  So much steaming. And when we fight to live our lives, we look at heaven with such surprise, but then we are dreaming, can we receive it once more. Holy wisdom out from me, how could that really bee, but I am dreaming. I can know it's steaming. And where I find the holy rake, the place inside that I stake to plant the seeds, for all to need. We will dream forever.  Now it's time for sacred weather. I pray my fellow man, heal and understand.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums. Sacred Song Blessings for our Golden Grace, Cosmic Father of the Stars of Heaven. Holiness David sends his love as he departs. And a kiss for Golden Grace too.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Come one and all beyond the sound to breeze the halls of division abounds, for we are a circle belonging to pound, the heart beat that goes round and round! Treasure the path that we walk, because heaven is on earth making her sounds (talk the talk). Sing glory bound, where treasures are making the rounds!

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